Raising broilers profitably 2
Choice of breed
I have heard the saying that broilers are broilers (meaning all have same potential of growth and development) Experimental trials have proved this assumption wrong!
Though best managerial practices is expected in order to get the best in whatever breed of choice but the performance of quality breed will still outshine less quality breed under same treatment.
Make careful selection of quality breed. Breed is the bedrock to successful broiler enterprise. If you get it wrong at breed selection, everything will fail. No amount of quality feed and other best managerial practices will right the wrong caused by poor breed.
Guide to quality breed selection
✓buy from reputable/trusted marketers/agents/hatcheries
✓buy breed – insist to know the name of the breed any agent is offering you- is it agrited, abore acher, Ross,…
✓ask questions from fellow farmers
✓you might need to carry out personal trials on DOC time to time
✓you will be much more safer, if you have the capacity to visit hatchery directly for supply
✓get to collection center of DOC as early as possible
To be continued

Raising Broilers Profitably 2

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