Raising broilers profitably 3
Avoid late preparation
In this series, we have looked at the following:
✓the need for passion before venturing into broiler production
✓choice of breed
Today, we shall be looking at the essential preparation prior to the arrival of your DOC
Late preparation can affect the entire life cycle of your birds. Commercial broiler production has about 6 weeks, 42 days, 1008 hours life cycle. Therefore, every minute count in broiler rearing in order to achieve the expected average weight of 2kg at week 6. You must do everything to avoid late preparation. A farmer who from point of DOC collection went to buy feed, drugs and also stopped over to pack litter materials has started on a wrong note. Put everything in place prior to the arrival of your DOC:
✓fumigation should have been carried out 5-7 days to arrival of your DOC
Fumigating a day to the arrival of your chicks can cause you unexplainable mortality
✓disinfection should have been done 3 days to the arrival of DOC
✓prepare good source of heat before the arrival of DOC
✓lighting up the brooding room before the arrival of DOC
✓get all essential feeds, drugs/multivitamins ready
✓be at the collection center of your DOC as early as possible
Immunosol should be one of your essential drugs against deadly viral infection. Order for it, find the nearest distributor
To be continued

Raising Broilers Profitably 3

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