Raising broilers profitably 1
Create interest/passion
Before you venture into any enterprise, kindly seat down and measure the degree of your passion for that enterprise. How passionate are you? Your passion is your drive against all odds. Every business has it share of challenges. You can hardly do anything successfully without passion.
Fund is not the first factor to be considered in poultry business but passion. Farms have closed down abruptly at slightest challenges encountered, while few are waxing on despite all odds. The difference is passion. How do you create passion in poultry business

  1. Set a goal
  2. Write down your vision
  3. Believe in yourself and keep hope alive
  4. Get a mentor
  5. Talk about your products
  6. Join team of positive mended people
  7. Help others
    To be continued ..
Raising Broilers Profitably

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